Trainer’s Toolbox

Watch the training videos here!

Welcome to Front Harness #1

Intro to what you’ll learn in the TRAINERS TOOLBOX

How To Put On Front Harness #2

How to easily put on and adjust for proper fit.

Teaching “Focus” #3

How to get your dog to focus on you

Starting the walk #4

Understanding how basic leash handling works.

The “Leave It” Pivot Turn #5

Teaching technique to redirect dog to show you how your actions can lessen their initial reaction so you can start to break the cycle. Everything in moderation.

Proper Leash Handling = Clear Communication #6

How to do proper leash handling for clear communication. Why it’s so important to communicate your actions effectively and to tune in to your dog so your dog tunes in to you when you need it.

Use what you’ve learned to curb and manage reactivity #7

Time to put the practice into action. Moderation, patience and consistency is key. Remember, they’re learning too. Make sure to give positive reinforcement for a job well done. It takes time for behavior to change but with Front Harness and the right guidance, the power is in your hands and you and your dog can get there together!

Congratulations—You are now a Front Harness- dog pro!