How the Front Harness Works

Pairing the PERFECT harness with the RIGHT training makes ALL the difference!

Congratulations on taking the first step to better communication with your dog!  

“Actions speak louder than words”— especially with dogs!

My name is Rob with Front Harness, and I’m a certified professional dog trainer. I have years of experience training dogs of all sizes, ages, and needs. I designed Front Harness to utilize the FRONT attachment as your tool to teach your dog. Dogs are masters at non-verbal communication so communicating the way THEY understand changes everything and makes your life so much easier.  Using the correct harness while training your dog goes hand in hand with understanding HOW to use it to get the best results. I will show you how Front Harness works to its maximum potential by utilizing key communication training techniques your dog will respond to so you and your dog can have many happy adventures to come!  

  1. This harness is adjustable and clips on at the neck. 
    It’s not meant to slip over dogs’ heads; they hate that, plus you can’t get a proper fit if you can’t get it on/off his head once adjusted. 
  2. Quality and proper harness fit is critical because the front attachment needs to remain in the FRONT in order for you to correct your dog’s behavior.  This way you can turn his body direction WITH YOU which is a clear communication of your intent. 
  3. The Front Harness front attachment loops prevents the annoyance of the leash getting caught in your dog’s feet!

Front Harness is the tool I use for training dogs of ALL sizes and teaching better behaviors through clear guidance and I want to share my training with you!   When you purchase a Front Harness you also get access to The Trainer’s Toolbox.   

 You’ll REALLY appreciate all the advantages of this custom quality harness!