Better For Your Dog. Better For You. Better For Our World.

We Offer The Best Front-Attached Dog Harness

  • It’s a better, more thought out and functional design utilized by an actual dog trainer to achieve better communication with your dog.
  • We use RECYCLED POLYESTER WEBBING MADE FROM PLASTIC REMOVED FROM THE OCEAN! You can help clean up our oceans with every purchase!  For sizes Tiny, XS, S, M, L. (We’re hoping to be making X-Large in this as soon as they are available} 
  • Top quality materials for strength and comfort. Mesh is breathable to keep your dog cooler. Don’t compromise your dogs safety and comfort. Buy a quality harness you can trust. Designed for a good fit and strong to put you in position to communicate the way YOUR DOG understands for quick results. –Through action
  • Short, easy to follow “how to videos’ to get you started with proper fit, adjustments and some fundamental training techniques- Included with your purchase in the TRAINERS TOOLBOX!  
  • My tips and tricks put you in the drivers seat for happier walks to come! 
  • It is better to teach a person, or dog, to do something right, rather than do it for them. By teaching techniques, we give the person or dog the right tools to handle any situation.
  • All of our products are Made in the USA.
  • A bill in Congress, H.Res.401, was passed in 2018 that urges all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade and to enforce existing laws against such trade. The company’s owner supported this bill and participated in its passage along with hundreds of other activists. Front Harness is made in the USA for this reason.
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