Our Best Friends deserve better

Align your values

As consumers we want the best products at the best price. Consumer demand drives products and production– and often drives corporations to take shortcuts for profit of which we are not aware. We need to take action to ensure that our purchases align with our values Moreover, that our purchases don’t contribute to economies that make products for dogs and at the same time do not value animal welfare. In particular, of dogs.

In May of 2017, Rob’s passion for animals landed him in China, consulting for a facility that rescued and rehabilitated survivors of the dog meat trade. This was a life -changing journey.

As a company, the owner remains committed to bringing awareness to this disproportionate and brutal trade. Dog lovers worldwide need to unite against this by making their voices heard and align their values and actions with their purchasing power. The happy dogs on this page are survivors that thankfully had been rescued from this ongoing trade in China, Cambodia and S. Korea.

2 bills in Congress, H.Res.401,H.R 6720 (links below) were passed in 2018 that urge all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade and to enforce existing laws against such trade making it illegal in the USA. The company’s owner supported these bills and participated in its passage alongside hundreds of others who continue the fight to end this.

Link to learn more about this horrendous cruel trade and why it needs to end. What you can do to help the activists and the dog rescues directly in Asia. http://www.savekoreandogs.org/

Together we MUST end this.

Front Harness is Made in the USA for this reason.